Our Team

Professionally, we are asset managers, traders, underwriters and financial analysts. Through ORIX Foundation, we channel our expertise into building a stronger community. We invest our time and money, and in return receive lessons about community service, leadership and our region. The reasons we give are many, but we are all passionate about empowering our community’s most at-risk individuals.

Executive Committee

Joshua Mayfield, President
James Dunn, Executive Vice President
Tonya Moore, Secretary
Jordan Massey, Treasurer
Ryan Farha, General Counsel

Board Members

Jerry Abrahams
Allison Austin
Ashly Ballesteros
Ron Barger
Haley Barron
Cherie Busby
Elizabeth Daane
Michele D. Duffill
Botan Fattah
Hunter Foreman
Daniel Gillespie

Barry Gold
John Haley
Nicola Hobeiche
Jorge Jaramillo
Jonathan King
Robert Lenhardt
Evan Lowery
Kobe Nakao
Alicia Newsome
Tracy W. Peters
Valerie Prowell

Delyn Ramey
Scott Rutherford
Jeff Sangalis
Eric Schnepf
Aaron Stehsel
Alicia Summers
Tonya Thomas
Ted Thorp
Cindy Willman
Paul Wilson
Catherine Yates


Carol Greene, Foundation Director