Annual Grant Cycle

ORIX Foundation’s annual grant cycle will be open from April 1 – May 31. Should you choose to make a request, you must first submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) on behalf of your organization which is due by 5 pm on April 30. If the proposed project as described in your LOI is deemed to be a fit with the Foundation’s guidelines, you will then me invited to submit a full application that will be due by 5 pm on May 31 (there will be no exceptions to either of the aforementioned due dates). Please review our funding parameters below to determine eligibility for our next grant cycle. For eligible applicants that meet the funding criteria below, you can access the LOI form by logging into your account or setting up a new user account through Foundant.

New this grant cycle is the Mike Wurst Grant in honor of ORIX USA Assistant General Counsel Mike Wurst who passed away in January 2017. In Mike’s honor, a grant of $25,000 will be awarded to one nonprofit that is consistently looking for better ways to serve their clients, by working collaboratively and creating lasting impact with their services.


The foundation will consider funding charities that satisfy all of the following:

  • First time grant applicants will not be considered for the current grant cycle
  • Are in alignment with our “Funding Priorities” as set forth later in this document
  • Are qualified nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations
  • Preferably have material involvement by an ORIX or RED employee
  • Are local or community oriented (i.e., not a national organization, but the local arm of a national charity is acceptable if the money stays in the community where ORIX USA employees have a presence)
  • Demonstrate sound management, financial capability, and a viable plan for completion of the project(s)

The foundation will not consider funding the following:

  • Sectarian organizations whose services are limited to one religious group
  • Organizations that do not directly benefit the community
  • Individuals
  • Foundations, Community Trusts, United Way Federations, or other pass-through entities that are themselves grant-making bodies
  • Trips or tours

The ORIX Foundation is particularly interested in supporting those organizations that fall within our “Funding Priorities” designated below:

  • Nature of organization – We seek to fund organizations that have an impact on vulnerable populations, in particular, those needing assistance or support in six categories – Children at Risk, Education, Basic Needs, Empowerment, Health and Veterans.
  • Impact – Consideration shall be given to the number of individuals benefiting from the funds as well as the manner and extent to which such individuals will benefit.
  • Location of the Charity – The Charity Review Committee shall favor charities with principal locations and delivery of services in the Greater Dallas Area, Greater Columbus Area and other geographic locations where ORIX USA employees live and work.
  • Financial Capacity of the Charity – The charity should demonstrate a current need for funds and historically prudent management of funds and programs. The charity should demonstrate that its general and administrative expenses are comparable to or less than those of similar charities.
  • Final Report – Each charity approved for a grant will be required to give a final report on how the donation was utilized before additional funding requests will be considered.
  • View Final Report Guidelines here

The next grant cycle will open April 1, 2017. Please contact us if you need more information.