Volunteer of the Year Aaron Hemphill Discovered His Passion to Help Others Through the ORIX Foundation

On October 29, 2015, in News, Volunteers

Volunteer of the Year Aaron Hemphill Discovered His Passion to Help Others Through the ORIX Foundation

When Foundation board member Aaron Hemphill moved to Dallas almost six years ago for a finance job at ORIX, he had no idea he would get the chance to improve the lives of others in his new community. In his third year at ORIX, he got involved with the Foundation during the holiday campaign. Today, he applies his financial expertise to reviewing the dozens of grant requests that come through the Foundation.

“I can’t imagine working at ORIX and not being involved in the Foundation,” Aaron said. “In the past few years, we’ve received a lot of attention for the work we do in the community. We’re making a difference on so many different levels. It’s very gratifying.”

Aaron grew up in Amarillo and went to school in Lubbock. He says it wasn’t until he began volunteering with the Foundation that he really got to know Dallas and become more aware of the needs in this community. His passion for the Foundation and its partner charities is seen in the countless hours he commits to the organization. In addition to being a board member, he is co-chair of the Efficiency Committee and the Charity Review Committee.

Aaron was named 2015 Volunteer of the Year at the Annual Foundation Dinner in September. As part of that honor he received a $1,000 grant to give to the charity of his choice. He has decided on splitting the money evenly with Café Momentum and Honor, Courage, Commitment.

“Aaron has brought a motivating energy to our board and volunteer community,” said Carol Greene, director of the ORIX Foundation. “His passion to make a difference is inspiring for all of us. In addition to applying his professional talents to the grant cycle, Aaron is an advocate in the ORIX community and we appreciate his efforts to get more people involved with the Foundation.”

While Aaron has enjoyed his experiences volunteering at The Stewpot and Habitat for Humanity, he chose to get involved on the grant committees so he can spend more time getting to know the charities and gain a first-hand look at their impact.

“We are going out into the community and finding charities that are the most effective at what they do,” he added. “Children, veterans and individuals facing mental health issues – there are so many people in Dallas who need help and most of us don’t think about their needs until these issues are right in front of us and we can see the reality of their situation.”

Aaron likes that the Foundation gives ORIX employees the opportunity to advocate for causes dear to their hearts. He hopes to join a board of an ORIX partner charity in the near future and get closer to one of the many organizations that are making a meaningful impact in North Texas.

“The Foundation introduces us to so many opportunities. I am excited to get more involved with a charity close to my heart, and I know the Foundation is why I‘ll get the chance to do that.”